Borrowing short term long term

COVID-19's impact has caused unprecedented financial uncertainties and operational challenges for charter schools across the country. Many charter operators and boards may be thinking about their options for borrowing funds for facilities. At the same time, lenders are coming up with more ways to be flexible and responsive to a school’s financing needs. The session is geared towards supporting school leaders who are considering borrowing funds for facilities. The session will aim to provide participants with an understanding of any new flexibility introduced by both short term and long term lenders and the factors to consider when deciding which financing option is best for them. A Q&A session with panelists will conclude the session.

Our panelists include:

Anand Kesavan, CEO, Equitable Facilities Fund

Molly Melloh, Senior Director of K-12 Education, Reinvestment Fund

Adrian Ruiz, Deputy Chief Investment Officer, Raza Development (Moderator)

Stephanie Valle, CEO, KIPP Albany, NY