Land Trusts and Real Estate Trusts

March 24, 2020
The concept of land trusts and real estate trusts has been used by cities for centuries for health care, affordable housing, open space, and higher education. The K-12 education community can learn from other social sectors about how to plan, identify, finance, and preserve options for buildings.
finance charter schools

LISC Resources

March 13, 2020
LISC provides several resources to help in the facility development process.
fund charter school facilities

National Charter School Resource Center 

March 13, 2020
The Department of Education's National Charter School Resource Center has a variety of resources available to support charter schools, including a section entirely devoted to facilities.
USDA Rural Image

USDA Financing of Rural Charter Schools

January 23, 2020
Jim Griffin

What federal agency has funded more charter schools facilities than any other agency? The U.S. Department of Agriculture provides key financing to develop essential community facilities in rural communities.

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Impact Investing

December 16, 2019

Historically, the government provided all the funding for public schools. There might have been some small charitable gifts, but this was largely the government's responsibility. Even for capital construction of school buildings, the municipal bond market works very efficiently.

Community Land Trusts and Charter Schools graphic

Community Land Trusts and Charter Schools

November 8, 2019
Write. Edit. Think.

Land trusts are popular in the affordable housing sector, but are less widely used for charter schools. Using community land trusts, or similar ownership structures, to reduce costs for charter school operators and preserve property for educational uses, is worthy of attention.

Is It Time for a Charter School Credit Union? report graphic

Is It Time for a Charter School Credit Union?

November 1, 2019
Charter School Facility Center

Just like traditional public school communities, charter schools, their employees, and their families need access to a myriad of financial services—including student loans and college-planning education.