Charter schools have limited access to the capital funding streams available to school districts. Few states provide funding, but these solutions are limited in both their reach and funding, and do not come close to meeting the charter sector’s facilities needs. Unlike district schools, charter schools typically do not receive funding that is sufficient to cover more than their operating costs and must pay for facilities costs out of their operating budgets – meaning money that should be going into the classroom is instead paying for the classroom.


State Policy Analysis: Per-Pupil Facility Funding

July 9, 2020
Momentum Strategy and Research

In State Policy Analysis: Per Pupil Facility Funding, the Facility Center analyzes the 18 states with per pupil facilities funding, looking at the statutes, operations, and funding for these programs.

Event: Renegotiating Leases in the time of COVID-19
Renegotiating Leases

Renegotiating Leases in the time of COVID-19

June 24, 2020

COVID’s impact has caused unprecedented financial uncertainties and operational challenges for charter schools across the country.  Many charter operators and Boards may be considering revisiting all potential financial levers, including real estate obligations, to stabilize and support healthy o